"EzPaste just makes my life simple. Otherwise, I would have to copy and paste about 50 charts into the presentation one by one" - Boy scout America


EzPaste (to be pronounced Easy-Paste) is a unique productivity tool for creating presentations directly from Excel. It lets you copy AT ONCE hundreds of Excel charts and tables, while giving you complete control over the process
EzPaste newer version features besides PowerPoint, 5 other popular destinations: Word, Outlook, Pdf, Html and image files
Even for performing an isolated copy/paste of the current Excel selection (chart or data), EzPaste replaces the 4-5 steps usually involved with a swift one-click button, making it a valuable Excel tool on your desktop
​ EzPaste is a professional utility referenced by Microsoft in its relevant tutorial regarding copying and pasting objects from Excel to PowerPoint
EzPaste is vey easy to use anf install. It does not require any macro or other specific knowledge
It has became a standard in leading companies accross the world

What is EzPaste?

How does it work?